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Product Areas

Dedicated Internet Access

Matrixnet Dedicated Internet service provides 24 hours connection to Global Internet with dedicated bandwidth allocation (1:1) to ensure high network performance at all time

Matrixnet Cloud

Always being able to access your most important digital assets, whether they're Word documents, spreadsheets, or photos. We've rounded up the best choices for keeping your files within reach.

Hosting Services

With dedicated hosting, you can rent an entire server for yourself and you can gain access to all the web host provider's resources to host one or more websites. Host on our dedicated or cloud infrastructure, Leverage our expertise to run fast and lean.

Broadband Internet Access

Provides fast and safety internet services through wireless (WLL) and Fiber To The Home (FTTH). Matrixnet Broadband as an internet service that is not only fast, but also safety and stable

Manage Service

Our manage service performing for IT project work, such as network and development systems installation and integration, we may charge a fixed price for products and services.

Data Center

Matrix Global Data Center Co-location sites provide world class, secure and robust facilities with high-bandwidth Internet access for customers. By Co-Locating Servers Directly With Matrixnet, Customers Can Avoid The High Cost Of Leased Lines And Local Access Charges.

Matrixnet internet service provider

no wires no devices no worries

About matrixnet

Matrixnet Global Indonesia, MatrixNet is an innovative start-up company that provides fiber optic dedicated Internet Connections and wireless broadband Internet connections to several Jakarta and Bandung neighborhoods. With partnership and Wi-fi technology, MatrixNet will be able to serve a large area. 

The company’s vision is to become one of the best companies in Indonesia that provides the maximum benefit to its stakeholders namely shareholders, investors, partners, tenants, hotel, government, suppliers (suppliers) and the community.

our staff

Evelyne Denaya

An Strategic Marketing typically manages sales force within his defined regional territory. She is responsible for overseeing sales operations, meeting targets and managing the sales team in the region. Evelyne Denaya as an Strategic Planner Matrixnet Bandung, responsibilities in maximizes customer operational performance by providing help desk resources and technical advice; resolving problems; disseminating advisories, warnings, and new techniques; detecting and diagnosing network problems. Based on experience 5+ years, Evelyne working with account planners to devise a campaign that meets the client’s brief and budget. Presenting campaign ideas and costings to clients.

helinton junus

Helinton holds a Sales Manager in Matrixnet Global Indonesia, and has over 10 years of experience as a Marketing in Internet Service Provider. Helinton has personally handled quite a few high-profile cases, both as manage service as well as a internet connection best solutions. He also develop efficient and creative sales and marketing strategies for the assigned territory and target setting for the sales team, monitoring sales team performance, analyzing sales data, periodical forecasting and reporting to management


Resi Pramudyo

Resi might look like a sweet tiny man, but when he puts on the famous formal suit, he becomes a cunning lion. You really want a guy like Resi on your team. Finding loop holes and loose ends is what has made Resi famous in the network services provider and beyond as one of the great of Technical Supervisor, most highly skilled NOC in the business internet service provider. Don’t miss his closing arguments, they have never failed in network solutions



Matrixnet Network Monitoring Support strives to solve your most network problem and hence cutting down the Network Downtime. We provide you with Fast, Reliable & Affordable solutions. This solution develop to detect and report problem before it become crucial issue and minimize the impact to your daily operational process, especially if there is any production activity involved

Development System

Matrixnet Gold (Dedicated Bandwidth) is built by PT Matrixnet Global Indonesia to Increase Internet Users Access Speed To Content Without Having To Rely On Upstream. Matrixnet Gold is a solution for Internet users Who Like To Access Content Quickly. Matrixnet Gold With The Theme "Enhance Your Internet Experience" Will Increase The Satisfaction Of Internet Users In Indonesia.

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